Shutters 1400 KANISSE

  • Renovation
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality finish
The 1400 shutter is an aluminium shutter that combines sturdiness, simple manufacturing and excellent on-site flexibility thanks to its multi-purpose fittings.
The 1400 Kanisse shutter is available as a fully-slatted version, with partially-open louvre slats, with opaque louvre slats and with mixed slats (part fully-slatted and part with louvre slats).
  • Window dressing or French windows
  • New or refurbishing
  • Multiple-occupancy or individual residences
Frame types:
1400 Frame Types

The harmony of the colours of the 1400 shutter lends itself to all its components, entirely in aluminium, and can be painted in the same colour upon request.
Choice of 2 frame panels:
  • Imitation mould of wooden shutter
  • Present design with cut sides between slats
Architectural freedom: vast choice of colours
The shutter’s design gives it a durability that means it can adapt to all dimensions of bay windows, both new and refurbished ones.
The louvre slat system’s innovative assembly concept stops vibrational noise caused by the wind.
The waterproofing of the unit is ensured by an astragalled joint that not only guarantees ease of use, but also protects the paint in areas of contact.
All the components of the shutter are made from aluminium, thus making it extremely durable (regular maintenance will prevent deterioration of the paint).
The finishing parts in aluminium assure the quality of the shutter’s finish throughout its life.
The supporting hinges , whose design stems from our door hinges, provide resistance and long-term durability that guarantees satisfaction for the user.
Resistance to bad weather, no need for painting throughout its entire lifetime.
Security for your home: the aluminium is rigid, despite its light weight.
Reliability of the openings, durability and comfort (less heavy when opening / closing than a wooden shutter).

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