Pin Systems

Arconic Fastening Systems’ pin fastening systems product line stands as one of the most widely known and respected in the aerospace industry. We are experienced in utilizing a variety of materials including titanium, alloy steel, and corrosion-resistant steel, and to produce these parts in both unified and metric sizes. Incorporating design principles of simplicity and utility, the end user is empowered to do more with less. Arconic Fastening Systems also offers the required installation tools.

Eddie-Bolt® 2 fastening system

The Eddie-Bolt® 2 fastening system provides a permanent, structural, high-performance fastening solution for varied aerospace applications. Unlike conventional threaded systems, its unique free-running Eddie-Bolt® 2 nut design greatly simplifies installation. For installation in clearance fit holes or with sealant, the Spline-Lok® recess provides a higher reaction torque than the more conventional hex recess, further simplifying installation and reducing rework while improving tool life. When a predetermined preload is reached, the lobes on the Eddie-Bolt® 2 nut are deformed into and across the flutes on the Eddie-Bolt® 2 pin, creating a positive mechanical thread lock with no frangible parts that can cause foreign object damage. The system provides superior vibration resistance and high strength levels, while offering weight savings over other systems.

K-Fast™ nuts

Self-locking K-Fast™ nuts are designed for use on Hi-Lok™, HI-TIGUE™, Veri-Lite®, and Aero-Lite® pins. Tools, also available from Arconic Fastening Systems, feature precise preload control for automatic installation and help provide the airframe industry with high-speed efficiency and cost effectiveness in production. The low-profile K-Fast™ nut allows for easy installation in limited access areas.

Aero-Lite® pin and Veri-Lite® fastening system

Our unique design of the threads on the Aero-Lite® pin and Veri-Lite® fastening system allow the overall length of the pin to be reduced while maintaining the same grip capability and strength level as those of the Hi-Lok™ system it is based on. This enhancement reduces the weight of these systems by as much as 15% for applications where weight is critical.

Hi-Lok™ fastening system

The Hi-Lok™ two-part fastening system delivers high-fatigue resistance without sacrificing strength in an efficient, dependable, all-purpose fastening system. Installation in difficult access conditions is no problem with the Hi-Lok™ fastener and a wide range of sizes and material combinations make it a versatile solution for many assembly problems.

HI-TIGUE™ fastening system

In situations where a controlled interference fit is needed, HI-TIGUE™ fasteners offer all of the benefits of the Hi-Lok™ fastening system along with a unique bead design that enhances the fatigue performance of the structure.

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