Thread Roll and Header Tooling

Since 1971, Arconic Fastening Systems has manufactured the highest quality production tooling in the industry. Its Mairoll® product offering includes flat dies, cylindrical dies, and cold header tooling, as well as thread die regrind and cut-down services. 

Flat dies

Arconic Fastening Systems flat dies feature Super M-42 material, which is vacuum heat-treated and tempered for maximum toughness and durability. This provides the longest possible thread rolling life, resulting in reduced set-ups, fewer dies to purchase, and significant cost-savings. All dies are synchronized and center-matched to reduce variability in set-ups. Arconic Fastening Systems manufactures all standard, controlled major, and modified thread forms to meet customer needs. Custom form requirements can also be met. Precise and accurate thread forms assure the customer quality parts that meet or exceed today’s stringent aerospace and commercial quality standards. Dies in unified and metric sizes are available in the following configurations: boltmaker single and split face, controlled major forms, custom designs, fillet rolls, groove dies, knurl, special forms, and standard duplex.

Cylindrical Dies

Arconic Fastening Systems produces the highest quality thread forms in the industry, combining thread-lead and helical precision. A wide variety of cylindrical dies are available including: thrufeed, helical infeed, crush rolls, custom forms, and cylindrical dies of all sizes. In addition, our regrinding service offers savings of up to 50% off the cost of a new die—and most dies can be reground more than once. M-42, D-2, and other materials are available.

Header Tooling

Our header tooling line includes punches, hammers, and stamps in assorted sizes. Arconic Fastening Systems’ products feature a complete line of punches including: cruciform-ribbed, cruciform, offset-cruciform-ribbed, offset-cruciform and tri-slot. The header tooling is manufactured from a variety of materials such as M-2, M-42 and various carbide grades. Sinker and wire EDM are available. Tooling can be custom designed and manufactured to suit customer needs.

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