The development of the first lockbolt fastener was pioneered in the mid 1940s. Since that revolutionary design, which greatly simplified the assembly of structure, Arconic Fastening Systems has led the way with innovative designs that have been instrumental in improving structural integrity and reducing manufacturing costs around the world. Products are available in both unified and metric sizes. Installation tool systems are also offered.

XPL® lockbolt

Our XPL® lockbolt is the latest addition to the Arconic Fastening Systems lockbolt family. With a grip range that is more than twice that of other systems, each part number can be used in more than twice the applications. This means fewer part numbers to inventory. The wide selection of materials and diameters make the XPL® the most versatile lockbolt system ever.

GP and LGP® lockbolts

Our GP and LGP® lockbolt families improve on NAS lockbolts optimizing the lock groove design. This optimization makes the GP and LGP® lockbolt systems significantly lighter than comparable threaded fastening systems.

HUCKCOMP® lockbolt

Our HUCKCOMP® lockbolts are high- strength, lightweight fasteners intended for use in composite material applications. The flanged titanium collar enhances joint integrity by spreading a high clamp load over a large area, thereby reducing the bearing stress applied to the composite material.

NAS lockbolt

Arconic Fastening Systems has a full line of NAS lockbolt standards produced to procurement specifications NAS621 and NAS1413. These standards include lockbolts in both shear and tension type configuration and are available in titanium, alloy steel, A286 CRES and aluminum alloy. There are two types: NAS shear lockbolt and NAS tension lockbolt.

LHP™ lockbolt

Our LHP™ lockbolt is a high-strength, lightweight, aerospace fastener intended for use in composite material applications. Easily the most cost-effective aerospace fastener available for fastening composite material. The LHP can help reduce aircraft weight due to its all titanium construction and improved fastener installation time due to its pull action tension/tension installation method.

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