Installation Tools

As the leader in aerospace fasteners, Arconic Fastening Systems strives to fulfill all of our customers’ needs. Those needs do not cease with the purchase of the right fastener. Once a part is chosen, it must be installed, utilized and possibly removed. To support our many fastener designs, which are engineered with usability in mind, Arconic Fastening Systems provides a full line of installation tools, removal tools and inspection gages. We are known for having the widest selection of ergonomically-designed manual, pneumatic, DC electric and cordless tools.

Frangible collar installation tools

Frangible collar installation tools will install collars such as: Aero-Lite® pin, Hi-Lok® fastener, and Veri-Lite® fastener, and many other types.

K-Fast™ nut torque control tools

Our K-Fast™ tool product line has been the industry standard for over 30 years, allowing fast, repetitive and reliable installations and removals of K-Fast™ nuts.  Over 150 models are available in pneumatic, DC electric, semi-automatic and hand designs.

Eddie-Bolt® 2 fastener tools

Our Eddie-Bolt® 2 tools consist of a complete line of pneumatic and manual installation and removal tools as well as gauges.

Automated nut and collar feeders

Arconic Fastening Systems offers two families of our redesigned automatic feed pneumatic installation tools: AKT2200 and ACT2100 Series. The AKT2200 series is for automated feeding of nuts and the ACT2100 series is for the automated feeding of frangible threaded collars used on hex-drive pins such as the Hi-Lok™, Hi-Tigue™, Aero-Lite®, Veri-Lite® and Hi-Lite™ fastening systems. 


  • Nuts can be purchased on pre-loaded spindles that are inserted into the feed tubes.
  • Collars are loaded on site, and AFS can provide feeder bowls.
  • Significant reduction in installation cycle times.
  • Torque control tool design allows for complete installation of nuts and is perfect for pre-torque collar applications.
  • Designed for K-Fast™ type nuts and reduced hex Hi-Lok™ collars, but will work with most comparable nuts and collars.
  • Current nut designs for 5/32" through 5/16" and collar sizes from 1/4" through 5/16".

Lockbolt, blind bolt, and blind rivet installation tools

Lockbolt, blind bolt, and blind rivet installation tools are offered in both pneudraulic and hydraulic models to provide accurate installation of a variety of brands and sizes.

Inserts and studs tools

Hand held and fixtured tools are available for hole preparation, installation and removal of various insert and stud products. Products include Keenserts® inserts and studs, ring locked inserts and studs, as well as Slimsert™ inserts. Semi-automatic installation tools are also offered.

Panel fastener and 1/4-turn fastener tools

A full line of specialty installation and removal tools is available for the FC43® fastener, Mark IV™ fastener, Milson® fastener and Trimil™ fastener. Hole preparation, installation and removal tools are also offered for Camloc® 1/4-turn fasteners.

Fluid fitting tools

Fluid fitting tools are for the creation of fluid fitting ports and installation and removal of fluid fittings.

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