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Whether it is trucking, marine, rail, or almost anything else that moves in the commercial transportation industry, Arconic is bringing its unique breadth of technical and materials capabilities to satisfy the needs of customers throughout the world. 
Our product’s high strength, excellent weldability, formability, and corrosion resistance meets manufacturing and commercial requirements. When designed into your transport vehicle’s structure, aluminum is one of the most cost effective materials available. Its lighter weight improves weight distribution, expands equipment capacity, increases payload, improves stability, decreases displacement and facilitates design and operation. Size for size, aluminum intensive vehicles are stronger, faster, and more fuel efficient because of aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio compared to most advanced metals like high strength steel and titanium.
Aluminum contributes to the reduction of energy consumption from road transport as follows:
When carrying heavy goods, it increases the load capacity of vehicles and therefore improves transport performance, allowing more goods to be carried per trip. In this case, one ton saved on the dead weight of an articulated truck saves about 1,500 liters of diesel over 100,000 km. 
When carrying voluminous goods, it reduces the overall weight, lowering fuel consumption per kilometer. In this case, one ton saved on the dead weight of an articulated truck saves about 600 liters of diesel over 100,000 km.
When carrying passengers, it reduces the overall weight and lowers fuel consumption. One ton saved on an urban bus saves between about 1700 -1900 liters of diesel per 100,000 km. 
As a replacement of steel and other heavy metals, Aluminum contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from road transport as follows:
  • 1kg of aluminum in today’s average articulated truck saves about 28kg of CO2
  • 1kg of aluminum in an urban bus typically saves about 40-45kg of CO2
Other benefits of aluminum in transportation:
  • Improves transport safety
  • Longer service life, especially in vehicles which work in conditions that can cause serious rust problems. 
  • No painting or other surface protection is required and it is easy to clean; maintenance is therefore kept to a minimum.
Arconic’s leadership position in commercial transportation stems from a commitment to deliver innovative product solutions that solve customers’ problems and to uncompromising quality, which has resulted in numerous awards from the industry and customers alike.

Global and Regional Customers

  • CIMC
  • Yutong Bus
  • Qiqihar Rolling Stock
  • Zhuzhou Rolling Stock
  • China National Shipbuilding Equipment and Materials Corp.
  • Yangzhou Tonghua Special Vehicles Co., Ltd.

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