Electronics and Industrial Sheet

Arconic's Aluminum Electronics and Industrial Sheet

Aluminum allows you to design your consumer electronics and industrial products with ecology and environmental issues in mind. New product launches from MP3 players to laptop computers are utilizing aluminum as it is durable, lightweight, stylish, and recyclable
Aluminum sheet allows you to integrate elegant aesthetics with a more thoughtful material choice.  It is stronger compared to polycarbonate plastic so it can be thinner than plastic yielding sleeker end products. Also, as microprocessors become more powerful and integrated circuits more sophisticated, electronic devices are giving off more heat - aluminum provides better cooling for the interior components of the computer.   
Electronics and Industrial Sheet is made primarily from 3000 and 5000 series alloys and is used to make numerous products.  Examples are chassis; covers for CD-Rom, DVD, MP3; and LCD frames; and the covers of computers, laptops, keyboards, and cell phones.

Global and Regional Customers

  • Foxconn
  • Anometal (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
  • Quotha Enterprises Co. Ltd.

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Electronics and Industrial Sheet
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