Blind Bolts

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings’ line of blind bolts combines simplicity with convenient and fast installation. Blind bolts are ideally suited for use in structures where access is limited. However, their high-strength and ease of use make them a great alternative to threaded systems in many different applications. The breadth of our product line, which is available in both unified and metric sizes and our decades of experience make us the industry leader in aerospace blind bolt design and manufacture.

Accu-Lok® blind bolt

The Accu-Lok® blind bolt is designed specifically for use in composite structures. It provides a large blind side upset that distributes the through thickness clamping force of a joint over a large bearing area. The large blind side upset enables the fastener to exert a very high clamping force to the structure without damaging the composite material. The Accu-Lok® II and Accu-Lok® IIa are available with the Dryv-Cap™ non-threaded installation system. The Dryv-Cap™ is a disposable driver that positively engages the driving recess in the fastener and eliminates the wear associated with conventional drivers.

Ergo-Tech® blind bolt

The Ergo-Tech® blind bolt is designed for both metallic and composite structures. It is available in shear and tension head configurations. Its corebolt breaks flush with the top of the sleeve in all grip conditions. The one-piece sleeve configuration and no threads in bearing result in high structural integrity and high-retained clamp-up. Lightweight ergonomic tools are available to install the system. The Ergo-Tech is also ideal for robotic installation.

MS blind bolt

The MS blind bolt is designed for both metallic and composite structures. It is a high-strength, vibration-resistant, costeffective fastener designed to meet the most challenging blind applications. This family of blind bolts has been used successfully in many critical areas such as engine inlets and leading edge applications.

Ti-Matic® blind bolt

The Ti-Matic® blind bolt has all of the benefits of the MS Blind Bolt with the added advantage of being lightweight due to its use of titanium materials. The large bulb that is formed during installation makes this fastener ideal for use in composite structures.

UAB™ blind bolt

The UAB™ blind bolt builds on the proven reliability and performance of the MS blind bolt by simplifying the installation process. One tool installs three different diameters, reducing tooling costs and facilitating robotic installation. The installed fastener provides greater spindle flushness for improved aerodynamic performance and cosmetic appearance. In addition, the blind side bulb of the fastener is enhanced to provide additional grip overlap and improved performance on sloped surfaces.

Visu-Lok® blind bolt

The Visu-Lok® blind bolt is designed specifically for use in metallic structures. It provides versatility and security for numerous applications and assures the highest shear, tensile, fatigue, and self-locking capabilities. When installed, it forms a solid, blind side head, with guaranteed minimum preload levels. The Visu-Lok® II utilizes a disposable hex drive nut which remains on the discarded pintail following installation, and eliminates cam-out conditions for the operator.

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