The Bonding Breakthrough

Arconic 951™ bonding technology goes the distance

The use of aluminum in vehicles is increasing as automakers work to improve their performance and fuel efficiency. With more aluminum, bonding technology becomes more important to join components critical to the strength, safety and durability of the vehicle.


So when Ford looked to incorporate more aluminum in its cars, they partnered with us for the answer. Enter our breakthrough, award-winning Arconic 951™ bonding technology—an organic, environmentally friendly bonding solution that produces adhesive joints that have far greater strength, durability and consistency than those made using traditional conversion coatings. The role 951 plays in enabling aluminum intensive vehicles is so impressive, R&D Magazine named it an R&D 100 award winner, placing it in the top 100 technology innovations introduced in 2014. 

What’s the secret to 951’s strength? Whereas other bonding treatments only alter the surface of the aluminum, 951 has dual capabilities. It creates a molecular link with both the aluminium surface and the structural adhesive for a bond that’s as strong in year ten of driving as it is on day one.

We’re bringing 951 to market through an exclusive global distribution agreement with Chemetall, the leading supplier of surface treatments to the automotive industry. Our partnership is driving the automotive industry’s shift toward lighter, more fuel-efficient aluminum vehicles, such as the aluminium intensive Ford F-150.

So while we will undoubtedly see more aluminum on the cars of the future, it’s what you don’t see—Arconic 951—that helps makes it possible.