Kawneer Bloomframe® Technology

A breath of fresh air in 55 seconds

Who doesn’t want a balcony in their apartment or hotel room?  Thanks to Kawneer and its innovative Bloomframe® technology, more apartment buildings and hotels will have room for balconies, and more people will be able to grab a breath of fresh air.

Bloomframe® is new, self-contained exterior window technology that morphs into a secure balcony in just 55 seconds, upgrading a normal room to a cool, outdoor living space. Your very own oasis, and maybe a little extra space too!

With the touch of a button, the window pushes out, rearranging itself into a horizontal floor, front ledge and two side panels. 

Invented by Hofman Dujardin Architects in Amsterdam and rigorously tested under European safety codes, this innovative product developed by Kawneer is made of lightweight, durable aluminum, glass and steel.

Because Bloomframe® technology is easy to install without major engineering work, it can be incorporated both into renovations and new construction projects. Flexible sizing, material and colors make Bloomframe® technology customizable to fit a wide variety of architectural design.

All of which make Bloomframe® technology a welcome addition to the neighborhood.