Next-Generation Micromill® Material

Arconic technology helps automakers drive innovation

Lighter, tougher, more responsive and fuel efficient…the automotive industry is increasingly turning to aluminum to the build the concept cars of tomorrow. Arconic innovation is helping to make those cars a reality.

With our breakthrough Arconic Micromill™ technology, we are producing next generation automotive aluminum alloys that are 40 percent more formable than today’s automotive aluminum, enabling greater design flexibility and enhanced vehicle performance without compromising strength and durability. Through an agreement with Danieli Group, a global supplier of plants and equipment to the metals industry, we are bringing our breakthrough aluminum sheet technology to customers around the world. 

Fittingly, Ford Motor Company—the original automotive industry pioneer—is also the first automaker to use our advanced automotive aluminum. We’re proud to partner with Ford in a joint development agreement to collaborate on next-generation aluminum alloys for automotive parts using Micromill technology. We’re even prouder to see our Micromill material debut on multiple components on the 2016 Ford F-150. 

The value customers find in Micromill material is its increased formability, making it easier to shape into intricate parts, such as the inside panels of automobile doors and external fenders. It is also ideal for critical strength structural parts as well as exterior panels that must meet strict surface quality requirements. And applications previously requiring multiple piece solutions can now be manufactured as a single piece—reducing complexity and assembly time.

Micromill technology is also fast—turning molten metal into coil in just 20 minutes versus approximately 20 days for traditional rolling mill processes. 

How’s that for a material edge?