Shelter in a Storm

Kawneer technologies protect what matters most

As the climate continues to change and coastal populations grow, so too do threats to people and property from hurricanes and other violent storms. Where does the building and construction industry turn for solutions that weather the storm? To Kawneer innovation.


Our comprehensive group of hurricane resistant solutions – including door frames, window framing systems and curtain walls are designed to withstand rain, wind, wind-borne debris, and internal and external pressure changes to help safeguard buildings and occupants. 

And, Kawneer offers single-source responsibility with an inclusive group of independently tested hurricane resistant products—many of which have received Notices of Acceptance (NOAs) issued by Miami-Dade County BCCO, Florida State Approvals and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) product evaluations.

Having met the most stringent industry standards, our products defend against Mother Nature’s worst.