Power Up

Arconic innovation supports the shift to cleaner-burning natural gas

The world is increasingly looking for more economical and environmentally friendly energy sources, balancing the need to be cleaner, more affordable and reliable.


The United States is turning to natural gas as an inexpensive, cleaner-burning fuel source. Natural gas now powers approximately one-third of all electricity produced in the country. Arconic’s technologically-advanced industrial gas turbine technologies are supporting this shift.

The hotter the better
One way to improve a gas turbine's efficiency is to increase the temperature at which it runs. Arconic produces some of the world’s most advanced gas turbine components—including technology that allows the turbine blades and vanes to operate in an environment above the melting point of the materials. Today, approximately 75 percent of gas turbines worldwide use airfoils produced by Arconic.

We applied our decades of expertise in producing components for the hot section of aero engines to the challenge of power generation. From specialized nickel-based materials and novel cooling technologies to advanced thermal coatings, our industrial gas turbine innovations take the heat.