Protecting the Protectors

Arconic’s game-changing monolithic forging significantly improves survivability

There are few projects more critical than protecting our troops in today’s ever-evolving defense landscape. Arconic is proud to take on the challenge. We partnered with the Army Research Laboratory on an initiative to develop an aluminum solution to one of the gravest threats to soldier safety: Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).


Photo courtesy of U.S. Army

Our engineers delivered the technology—the largest single-piece closed die forged aluminum hull for ground combat vehicles to replace today’s assembled hulls and deliver even greater strength and durability, while providing our troops twice the blast protection.

Ground combat vehicles traditionally use underbody armor made of welded plate. However, the welded seams were susceptible to IED blasts. Our game-changing monolithic forging replaces the lower hull of a combat vehicle, significantly improving survivability over traditional welded hulls. Additionally, it enables us to tailor the thickness, making it strongest where it needs to be most protective, while being lighter weight.

 And by reducing the weight and simplifying assembly, we will be able to reduce the Army’s costs. 

Game-changing design, life-saving technology—that’s the value of Arconic innovation.

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