The Smart Ink of the Future

Arconic produces proprietary metal powders optimized for 3D printed aerospace parts

3D printing is taking flight—and Arconic is developing the “smart ink” metal powders to help it take off even faster.

Metal powders used for 3D printing durable, high-quality aerospace parts are available in limited quantities. Through an expansion announced in September 2015, Arconic will develop materials with the specific properties needed to 3D print high-performance components—providing a much-needed ingredient to advancing the technology for aerospace manufacturing.

Arconic has deep expertise in metal alloy development having invented most of the aluminum alloys used in aerospace today. In addition, we have a 100-year history in aluminum metal powder production, primarily for rocket fuel, paint and other products.

But that’s not where the story ends. We also bring a century of traditional manufacturing experience required to design and produce aerospace parts—both directly with 3D printing machines, or by combining additive and traditional processes through our patented Ampliforge™ process. We also offer advanced processing technologies, such as “Hot Isostatic Pressing”, to increase the strength and durability of components. And once the parts are machine-finished to exact specifications and checked for mission-critical quality, they’re supplied and fitted to the world’s most advanced commercial aircrafts.

With the innovation of our metal 3D -printing powders and processes, we’re pushing the boundaries of production technologies for aerospace’s high-performance components. Arconic is taking 3D-printing out of the lab and into the skies.

Infographic: Arconic and 3D Printing: Our Revolution is in the Making

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