Micromill automotive aluminum made better, faster, stronger…

When Arconic developed Micromill™ technology, a 2017 Edison Award Winner, we didn’t just revolutionize the aluminum manufacturing process, we revolutionized the material as well.


Micromill technology turns aluminum from liquid to solid in seconds. So while traditional rolling mills take approximately 20 days to turn molten metal into coil, Micromill does the job in 20 minutes - in one-quarter of the floor space and with half the energy.

Even better, the process also radically improves the microstructure of the metal.

With Micromill technology, we produce an aluminum alloy that is 40 percent more formable and 30 percent stronger than today’s automotive aluminum. Why does formability matter? Because improved formability means greater design flexibility and vehicle performance.

The automotive industry is taking notice. Ford selected Arconic MicromillTM material to debut on the lighter, tougher, more responsive and fuel efficient 2016 Ford F-150.

With Arconic Micromill material, Arconic is shaping the future of what we drive – literally.

Even if you can imagine what automakers will be able to achieve with it, you won’t have to for long. Right now, it’s being tested by 13 different manufacturers. They’re all exploring how, by replacing other materials with Arconic Micromill aluminum, cars of the future can be dramatically lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient.

It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry. And for ours.