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Geißbockheim 1. FC

Cologne, Germany

Products Used:
AA 720, AA 100

The expansion of the Geißbockheim - Soccer Clubhouse of 1. FC Köln - consists of an elegant, two-story structure that fits well with the existing building from the 50's. The perforated façade has high rectangular aluminum windows with anthracite-colored frames form the KAWNEER Series AA 720, forming a clear contrast with the white trim of the bulk of the structure. The filigree mullion – transom construction of the KAWNEER AA 100 curtain wall system also lends the building a simple yet elegant appearance, permitting wide views of the training field. Today the Geißbockheim is one of the most beautiful
clubhouses in Germany.

Geißbockheim 1. FC Köln [285]

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