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Solector™ Outrigger Sun Shading Estimator

Solector™ is a simple to use estimating tool which can compare shading performance of two scenarios using Versoleil™ SunShades on a facade. This tool also provides an estimate of cooling energy and cost savings on an annual basis, using some broad assumptions. Energy savings are calculated based on solar heat gain avoided due to exterior shading of the facade.

Note that this tool provides rough estimates for initial design consideration only, and makes several simplifying assumptions; including (1) shading is estimated assuming that all solar gain is direct gain, and (2) all avoided solar gain translates into cooling energy savings. Please keep in mind that for sake of simplification no estimation is made of the peak load demand reduction, HVAC cooling fan cost savings or savings from reduction in overall size of HVAC equipment. Diffused light scenarios were analyzed, but made negligible difference in the annual shading performance for the most commonly expected applications, hence have not been included.

The goal of this tool is to ensure that architects and designers are aware of how various design inputs impact the shading performance of the sunshades. As far as energy savings estimation is concerned, Kawneer understands that it is a complex calculation involving a lot of different variables which can only be modeled by creating a comprehensive building model using an advanced software simulation tool . Solector™ is a tool which should be used very early on during the conceptual design phase to assess best shading parameters and estimated savings in energy.

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