Arconic in Russia

Арконик Россия

Arconic Samara Metallurgical Plant – known as Arconic SMZ – has been in operation since 1960 and is one of Russia’s largest producers of fabricated aluminum, including a wide variety of flat-rolled, extruded, and forged products matching highest level international and Russian standards. 

With approximately 3,000 employees in Russia, Arconic SMZ is advancing the ground transportation, aerospace, packaging, industrial and construction markets, while receiving recognition for its significant contribution and support of local communities.


Arconic entered the Russian market in 1993 and, since 2005, operates there as Arconic SMZ. Since 2005, Arconic has invested over $500 million (USD) in equipment upgrades, safety standards improvement, and production systems implementation at Arconic SMZ. A large integrated industrial complex located 800 kilometers East of Moscow, Arconic SMZ includes a cast house, rolling mills, extrusions department as well as a forging department which currently operates under a joint venture with VSMPO-AVISMA, the largest Russian producer of titanium products. The plant is home to market-leading equipment, including one of the world’s largest forging presses. In early 2020, the site was ASI Performance Standard certified. The plant’s highly skilled and experienced workforce is the backbone of Arconic SMZ, which  has been recognized as a top employer in the Samara region and among TOP-100 best Russian employers.

Key Facts

  • 1960 – SMZ factory opens in Samara, Russia
  • 2005 – SMZ joins Arconic family
  • 2016 – Arconic SMZ and VSMPO-Avisma announce joint venture ‘AlTi Forge’, combining the unique equipment of both companies in the production of titanium semi-products
  • 2020 – Arconic SMZ is ASI Performance Standard certified and celebrates its 60th anniversary

Commitment to Our Local Community


As a global company with operations in diverse cultural, political and economic environments, Arconic is committed to conducting business in the most responsible and ethical way. We live our Values – everyone, every day, everywhere.

We are highly engaged to support strategic local non-profit partners in Moscow and Samara through the Arconic Foundation as well as direct support by Arconic SMZ. These joint efforts support education and training of individuals for manufacturing careers, local initiatives that address unique community needs, and further development of STEM activities in the region. Since 2005, Arconic Foundation and Arconic SMZ generated more than $9,5 million of value for Samara local community through its activities.

 Some key results of recent Arconic Foundation Programs:

  • 500 students awarded with AF scholarship within AF STEM program
  • 7,500 students attended Robotics and Physics classes at 8 partner schools within AF STEM program
  • 5,500 students participated in eco-hours on AF Protecting Biodiversity program
  • 2,500 students participated in AF Career Guidance program


Russia Locations

Arconic in Moscow/Арконик Москва
10 Presnenskaya naberezhnaya, Block B
+7 (495) 777 04 04
Businesses: Corporate and Sales Office
Products: Corporate office and commercial activities for Aluminum and Titanium Forgings, Aluminum Extrusions and Flat Rolled Aluminum Products

Arconic in Samara/Арконик Самара
29 Alma-Atinskaya str., building 33/34
Businesses: Extrusions, Rolled Products
Products: Aluminum and Titanium Forgings, Aluminum Extrusions including rods, bars, profiles, tubes and panels, Flat Rolled Aluminum Products including can body stock, food stock, coated stock, Oil/Gas Drilling Pipes, Sheet/Plate