What’s Next?

Arconic technology centers engineer the answers

Arconic makes the impossible real—from inventing the lightweight alloys that helped put a man on the moon to advanced coatings that help aero engine components defy the laws of thermodynamics.

Our global network of technology and research centers continues to crack the code on the most complex engineering challenges facing our customers, offering a range of technological skills that are unmatched by any Arconic competitor.

At the forefront of innovation—on the road and in the air—is the Arconic Technology Center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its commercial successes include the breakthrough Arconic 951™ adhesive bonding technology that is enabling the automotive industry’s historic shift to aluminum intensive vehicles such as the Ford F150. And we continue to develop proprietary alloys that solve our customers' biggest challenges.

In Niles, Ohio, our research and development center is helping expand our reach in titanium—the world’s fastest growing aerospace metal—with advanced processes and materials, such as lighter, more heat-resistant titanium-aluminides for aero engines.

At our research center in Whitehall, Michigan, we’re developing some of the world’s most advanced jet propulsion and industrial gas turbine technologies for improved performance and greater efficiency. We pioneered the use of Hot Isostatic Pressing to strengthen the metallic structure of titanium, nickel and 3D-printed aero engine parts. And we invented advanced thermal barrier coatings that enable aero engine components to operate at temperatures above the melting point of the base metal.

In Carson, California, we developed ingenious fastening systems that not only secure aircraft components but also offer enhanced lightning strike protection on carbon fiber intensive aircraft.

What’s next?  Arconic is engineering the answers.