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Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium

Only Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium offers you so many different possibilities.


Reynolux® pre-painted or coil coated aluminium is an aluminium sheet or coil manufactured through coil-coating. It comes in a large variety of coatings. The benefit of Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium are numerous: in addition to its UV and weather resistance, it is also easy to transform and allows the creations of original shapes. 


Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium is a polyvalent product. It is suitable for roofs, facade cladding and many other interior and exterior applications in the fields of Building, Corporate ID, Roofing, Transportation & Industry. Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium can be used in new construction as well as for renovations.



Reynolux® Trim

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