Colour Collections

Explore a myriad of possibilities with Reynolux®
Creativity requires a broad palette of colours and designs. Arconic Architectural Products SAS Merxheim (AAPM) provides you with the exact colour and coating you need – even for small batches.

Besides the colours of our colour brochures, Reynolux® pre-painted aluminium coils and sheet can be acquired with myriad potential colours.
Iconic Collection
Our Iconic Collection delivers the sleek and classic simplicity of colours from deep black to pure white, passing through timeless metallic shades including silver. We’re opening the doors to a new world – with ‘Iconic’ you can create instantly recognisable buildings that immediately become architectural landmarks. With our colour palette, and your creative designs, we can take the beauty of aluminium to a whole new level. Together, we can redefine the art of building.
When you need a look everyone will remember, think ‘Iconic’.

Effects Collection

When you need a look that is truly special, you need our Effects Collection. For the creative minds of designers who believe anything is possible, we deliver the strength and performance of aluminium, stunningly enhanced with subtle but powerful shades from across the world. Stimulating and inspiring, these beautiful colours will help you develop unique architectural atmospheres, from the warmth of an Indian summer to the cool of the Arctic.

Shadows Collection 

Move out of the light and into the beauty of our Shadows Collection. Architecture meets atmosphere in these subtle tones that powerfully capture the unique interplay of sunlight and darkness. Eye-catching and yet totally natural, the options in this range are perfect for statement buildings, opening up a world of opportunities for cutting-edge design.

Beautifully exploring the possibilities of colour for coil coated aluminium, this timeless range could help define the look of your next project.  

Wood Look Collection

Trees are one of nature’s greatest triumphs. How could we match their majesty? Stunningly combining high-class technical achievement with outstanding aesthetic appeal, our aluminium Wood Look Collection captures the strength and beauty of these countryside wonders.

Whether you are designing an environment for living, working or simply relaxing, the look of wood is renowned for inspiring positive social interactions and generating inner peace in the people around.

Deliver a sense of power, presence and natural calm to your project. 

Crinkle Collection

Colour is only one part of visual appeal. The look of different textures adds another level of finesse and pleasure to the sensory attraction of architectural aluminium. With the clever appearance of natural texture, you can add a real sense of excitement and vivacity to the metal you use for your next project. 

Feel the power of pure elements with our Crinkle Collection. Choose between Light, Medium or Bold textures for almost any colour. (Please check the feasibility with your Arconic Architectural Products SAS contact.)

Anodized Look Collection

Your imagination. Our colours. Limitless possibilities.

Anodized aluminium enhances iconic skyscrapers and commercial buildings worldwide. Replicating that appearance with a coil coating process is challenging but our expert team has risen to the challenge. From classic subtle beauty to the elegant dazzle of champagne, our striking Anodized Look Collection brings style and glamour to any project.

For visual appeal with a beautifully smooth, coil coated finish, the Anodized Look Collection cannot be beaten.

Skyline Collection

From New York to Beijing, and from Paris to London, the sight of soaring skyscrapers excites people across the world. Cityscapes are iconic images of our times. With atmospheric colour names including ‘Downtown’, ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Horizon’, our Skyline Collection is truly a towering achievement.

Let our endless colours inspire your creativity. Express your visions with our cool palette of tones and shades drawn from city life. Together we can transform the urban horizon.

Natural Collection

Capturing the beauty of the natural world in construction and industrial projects is as powerful and popular now as ever before. Embrace our planet’s stunning variety of colours. Explore the most exquisite tones the Earth has to offer. Dive into our Natural Collection.
Let aluminium deliver the high-performance functional quality you need. Let our Natural Collection of colours bring the relaxing calm of rural life to your buildings, their visitors and their occupants.

Mineral Collection

Our wide-ranging Mineral Collection celebrates the colours that surround us every day. We move smoothly from the rock and stone of the ground on which we stand to the serene beauty of sand dunes and even the urban tones of bustling city life.

Bringing colours from everywhere to the world of coil coated aluminium, this range will inspire architects and designers to new heights of creativity.