Effects Collection

Sparkling colours and Chameleon colour-shifting finishes to give your building a look as dynamic as your design.

Our Chameleon innovative colour range creates subtle colour shifts in different lighting conditions. So a building that appears green, blue or silver in the morning can shift to copper, violet or gold in the afternoon. 


Arctic Blue

J 9109 B

Blue Lagoon

J 5108 B

Green Forest

J 6111 B

Indian Summer

 J 5106 B

Silver Gold

J 9111 B

Spring Lake

J 6104 B

Steel Violet

J 5104 B

Sparkling Blue

F 5103 B

Sparkling Gold

F 1102 B

Sparkling Grey

F 7111 B

Sparkling Red

F 3102 B

These colours are just some of the many options we offer. We can also produce individual colours upon request to match your specifications. Colours may deviate from the actual colours available as a result of on-screen viewing.
Please ask for a sample before ordering.