Adler Ice Scating Arena

Sochi, Russia

Project Overview / Detail

The Adler Arena Skating Center (now the Adler Arena Trade and Exhibition Center) opened in 2012 as an 8,000-seat speed-skating oval. In plan though, this cool grey and white building is essentially a rectangle with rounded corners. Angled walls and triangular sections of glazing reinforce the building’s intentionally crystalline surface appearance. The $32.8 million building was designed by the Russian company Kuban Universal Project and the international architectural and engineering firm Cannon Design, responsible for the Richmond Oval for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, designed its cleanlined interior, which housed two competition lanes as well as a training area.
Kuban Universal Project, Cannon Design
11,000m² Reynolux® Building pre-painted aluminium
Custom Grey
Duragloss® 5000
FC Facade, Kalzip 65 - Perforated and tapered aluminium sheets
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