Arconic and Airstream

Two iconic brands partner on one instantly recognizable vehicle

Airstream travel trailers—with their distinctive silver bullet shape and classic aluminum design— are instantly recognizable. Introduced in the 1930’s, the Airstream’s sleek, futuristic body is an icon of modern design and a testament to manufacturing excellence—nearly 70 percent of all Airstreams ever built are still on the road.


Photo courtesy of Airstream

Arconic is proud that our products and solutions have helped Airstreamers travel with style and functionality for decades.  We have been supplying aluminum sheet to Thor Industries for its iconic brand Airstream for more than 50 years. And Airstream travel trailers have been sporting our aluminum forged wheels for as long as they have been commercially available, starting in the 1970s.

Our partnership doesn’t end there. Our engineers patented a product for automotive trim parts that could be adapted to meet Airstream's needs for appearance, durability and environmental compliance. And since a design icon needs to protect its good looks, we also engineered a thermally-cured, clear polymer coating that shrugs off the sun’s rays without breaking a sweat. No cracking, peeling or fading. And it’s environmentally sound.

Arconic and Airstream—helping generations of travelers discover their next adventure.