Architectural visions are achieved with versatile materials that offer endless possibilities. Arconic Architectural Products manufactures aluminum sheets, bonded sheets, and aluminum composite materials to fulfill specifications for diverse projects.  
Lightweight aluminum delivers the strength and durability of heavy gauge metals but with unrivaled formability for efficient fabrication and ease of maintenance. 

Choose from a boundless range of colors and finishes that are inspired by both metal and natural materials and achieve a multitude of surfaces, from stone and timber to reflective gloss effects. Choose AAP and create without constraint.  


Our portfolio of products includes Reynobond® Composite Material, Pre-Painted Sheet and Bonded Sheet. All our products support ambitious architectural design and deliver superior performance and protection. Efficient, cost-effective and sustainable, aluminum sheets offer maximum design flexibility and meet the specification requirements of most applications.  


Arconic Architectural Products LLC has a varied portfolio across multi-use, commercial, education,  public buildings and retail. Our flexible and formable aluminum composite materials, and sheet and bonded sheet products can be used to create distinctive facades with varying colors, textures and patterns.  Browse our projects and discover the unlimited possibilities AAP can provide.