Colorweld® 500/500XL

Our coil-coated Colorweld® 500 and Colorweld® 500XL finishes offer superior performance. From soothing neutrals to shimmering silvers, these premium low- to medium-gloss finishes feature  advanced resins with 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) that provide excellent flexibility, strength  and weather resistance.  Please refer to online stocking list for stocking size availability. Confirm availability with your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative.

2- to 3-Coat Matte, Solid, Mica, Metallic Finishes | AAMA 2605

Colorweld® 500 | Matte Series

2-Coat Finishes | 30-year warranty | AAMA 2605

Granite Gray

Gunite Green

Iron Black

Natural Clay

Powder Black

Shale Blue

Whisper White

Colorweld® 500 | Series One

2-Coat Solid Finishes | 30-year warranty | AAMA 2605

Bone White

Brite Red

Bunny Gray

Cadet Gray

Castle Gray


Classic Bronze

Deep Black

Deep Brown

Eastman Blue

Frisco White


Konig Blue

Neon Red

Oyster White

Pueblo Tan

Pure White


Slate Gray

Colorweld® 500 | Series Two

2-Coat Mica Finishes | 30-year warranty | AAMA 2605

Anodic Bronze

Anodic Clear

Anodic Satin

Champagne Mica

Champagne Silver

Daybreak Mica

Driftwood Mica

Medium Bronze

Medium Gray Mica




Sunshine Gray

Vancouver Copper

Colorweld® 500XL | Series Three

3-Coat Metallic Finishes | 30-year warranty | AAMA 2605

Bright Silver Metallic

Champagne Metallic

Copper Penny

Nightfall Metallic



Our portfolio of products includes Reynobond® Composite Material, Pre-Painted Sheet and Bonded Sheet. All our products support ambitious architectural design and deliver superior performance and protection. Efficient, cost-effective and sustainable, aluminum sheets offer maximum design flexibility and meet the specification requirements of most applications.  

Colorweld® 300 Finishes

From bright oranges and dramatic blues to metallics, Colorweld® 300 finishes are distinctive, colorfast and durable, utilizing 70% PVDF resin technology.  

Brushed Aluminum Finishes

Brushed Aluminum finishes combine natural beauty with high performance for sleek, contemporary and highly attractive aesthetics.

Design Line™ Finishes

Design Line™ is inspired by Mother Nature and mimics natural materials, while providing all the performance benefits of Reynobond® Composite Material. 

Anodized Finishes

Anodized finishes provide Reynobond® Composite Material with a harder, smoother layer that is resistant to abrasion.  

Duragloss® Finishes

Explore  bright  color capabilities and a range of gloss levels with Duragloss® paint with a premium palette of colors in standard, metallic and opaque finishes.

Brite Mirror Finish

Achieve a brightness like no other with Brite Mirror. With 87% reflectivity and mirroring properties, this premium coating is inspired by the unique shades and colors of the ever-changing sky and nature.